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Benton Daylight Control Systems sees its mission as being a trusted partner and innovator in sustainable building practices. We provide custom services designing and installing comprehensive daylighting control systems for the residential community and the commercial building industry. Our primary goal is to make buildings comfortable for people by improving thermal comfort and reducing solar heat gain and glare, and controlling privacy, daylighting, and shading for building occupants.

With a long-term vision of reducing the planets carbon emissions through sustainable design practices and leading edge motorized and automated products that seamlessly integrate with the build environment to control solar glare and heat gain, reducing a buildings overall thermal load and improving occupant comfort, we are lighting the way to a sustainable future one window at a time.

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Natalie Broekhoven

President, Owner


Jeff Broekhoven

Vice President, Owner


Shelby Anson

Director of Operations


Erin Hicks

Lead Estimator


Seth Tilley

Commercial Project Manager


Katelyn Day

Office Manager


Roger Osborne



Daniel, John, Max, Colin

In-House, OSHA Certified Installation Team

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